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Spotify Listening Data
7 Feb 2019

Listening Data as a Marketing Tool

Rich Else - Articles, Data, DP, General - 0 comments

Throughout the day, I listen to a lot of music. Whilst I’m getting ready in the morning, walking to and from work and whilst I’m at my desk. I even find it difficult to get to sleep without my carefully curated playlist. I’m also a big fan of pointless statistics. It’s one of the things…

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14 May 2018

Fond Farewell

Grace Tan - Articles, DP, General - 0 comments

This week was my last week at Cobalt Sky. I feel sad while writing this article, realising that I am actually leaving. During my time here, I have gained so many things, knowledge, wonderful memories and friends. HR guru Robert Levering once concluded that a good company to work for is “the one in which…

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Close-up photography of construction spitit level on wooden background
22 Mar 2018

Measure twice, cut once

Adrian Scamell - Articles, Data, DP - 0 comments

There is an old saying in the building trade “Measure twice, cut once”.  This I have found is very useful advice and my son kept repeating this to me when we were installing his kitchen, laminate flooring and bedroom furniture. Recently we had some blinds fitted to our front room bay window – the salesman…

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