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19 Jul 2017

Does statistical modelling have a place in research?

Fiona Bamforth - General - 0 comments

It’s certainly been an interesting few months in the world of politics. As we know only too well, Teresa May’s gamble to call a snap election didn’t pay off and she faced the task of forming a minority or coalition government. This snap election meant that polling innovations introduced after the 2015 general election were…

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The internet of things network with a glowing blue node symbolizing social interaction 3D illustration
7 Jun 2017

The Rise of Automation

Grace Tan - General - 0 comments

A few weeks ago I attended an interesting seminar held by the ASC (the Association for Survey Computing). The topic was about the rise of automation in the market research industry. Four speakers who are well known in the industry gave their opinions about why they think that automation is either a threat or a…

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Color image of some people voting in some polling booths at a voting station.
26 May 2017

Political Correctness

Rebecca Tolen - General - 0 comments

A few weeks ago it was announced a snap election would take place in June of this year, bringing forward the general election by 3 years. Many are calling this a very smart political move by Theresa May, as at the time, the Conservatives were 24 points ahead of Labour – the highest vote share…

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