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simpsons age
16 Aug 2019

A List of Things the Same Age as Cobalt Sky

Raksha Shrestha - Articles, General - 0 comments

In celebration of Cobalt Sky has turning 30 this year, I decided to have a look and see what’s out there that’s the same age as us! As we have entered our fourth decade of existence, here are just a few other things that have turned thirty years old with us. I promise I’m not…

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thirty year old machine
16 Aug 2019

Thirty Years in Market Research

Steve Chapman - Articles, General - 0 comments

What has changed in Market Research over the last thirty years? In a word, paper! When I began my data processing career, admittedly not quite thirty years ago, but not far off, the office was full of paper. Desks were piled with tables, questionnaires and specs. While at the heart of the office was the…

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gold cobalt
16 Aug 2019

Thirty Years of Cobalt Sky

Raz Khan - Articles, General - 0 comments

When we started Cobalt Sky in 1989 there were just two of us, intending to provide IT consultancy to the market research industry. We offered training and project design services and even dabbled in neural networks at a time when it was an emerging technology. In business you need some luck and ours arrived with…

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