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Close-up photography of construction spitit level on wooden background
22 Mar 2018

Measure twice, cut once

Adrian Scamell - Articles, Data, DP - 0 comments

There is an old saying in the building trade “Measure twice, cut once”.  This I have found is very useful advice and my son kept repeating this to me when we were installing his kitchen, laminate flooring and bedroom furniture. Recently we had some blinds fitted to our front room bay window – the salesman…

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8 Feb 2018

Preparing for GDPR – February Tips

Mike Wooderson - Articles, GDPR - 0 comments

A month on from my last article on the subject, we edge ever closer to GDPR coming into effect on the 25th May. Last month, I suggested that you conduct a data audit, made moves  to get rid of data that was unnecessary and made sure the data you still have was up to date…

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Seattle, Washington USA - NOVEMBER 27, 2017: Amazon Go is a new kind of store with no checkout required. Customers can just walk out with no checkout or line. Sensors automatically detect purchases
30 Jan 2018

Shaping the supermarket of the future

Fiona Walmsley - Articles - 0 comments

The way we buy groceries in the UK has changed considerably in the past decade. Where previously consumers would happily head to the nearest supermarket and join queues of people at the checkouts to purchase their weekly shop, the advent of online shopping has meant that many consumers prefer to do their bulk shop online…

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