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23 Jul 2018

Should Social Media Be Regulated?

Rebecca Cole - Articles - 0 comments

I attended an MRS hosted debating group session at the House of Commons recently and am pleased to report that the impressiveness of the surroundings was easily matched by the quality of the speakers, and the debate itself. The motion was ‘Social Media can’t be trusted with self-regulation’, with Hugo Rifkind from The Times and…

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Cup of coffee and baby feet. Concept of working mother and newborn baby. Woman and mum as student.
5 Jul 2018

Coffee Break?

Rebecca Boden - Articles - 0 comments

As I write, I’m sat at my kitchen table, it’s 5:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m hot, I’m uncomfortable and I’m 38 weeks pregnant. Although I’ve luckily had a really good pregnancy so far (this is my first baby), I, like millions of other women I’m sure, felt overwhelmed and rather stifled…

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5 Jul 2018

Updating Quantum

Brian Atkinson - Articles - 1 comment

Cobalt Sky are working with UNICOM Systems Inc., the owners of the UNICOM Intelligence suite of survey software, to update Quantum for 64-bit operating systems. Quantum is one of the most widely used tabulation and data processing packages in the survey research industry, and despite there having been few updates for many years, it is…

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