Clients are the backbone of any company, and we’re lucky enough to work with some of the best in the Market Research industry. The majority of our clients have been with us for many years and keep coming back. You can find out why by clicking the logos below. 



Cobalt Sky have been indispensable in terms of suggesting innovative solutions for data handling and reporting.  Our data is highly sensitive and vital to our clients' business which means we are constantly fielding urgent and fiddly data requests. The fact that our clients are so satisfied is in no small part down to the communication, responsiveness and flexibility of Cobalt Sky.

James Flack, Director


We need a partner that thinks outside the box and make our ideas work. Cobalt Sky has designed a range of complicated product shelf tests & planograms that ensures the data that we need is captured as well as simultaneously providing a great respondent experience.

Piers Tanner, Director


Cobalt Sky have been looking after the data processing on the Financial Research Survey (FRS) for many years. There have been a number of challenges in recent times; including mixed modes being used, the migration of the survey through M&A activity and changes in personnel. Throughout the changes, delivery to our syndicated clients has been paramount with Cobalt Sky enabling us to go the extra mile. None of which would have been possible without collaboration, ongoing communication and a dose of good humour. We view Cobalt Sky as a true partnership, not solely a supplier.

Flora Vieites, Director


Cobalt Sky are a joy to work with. There have been multiple occasions we’ve had ‘wow’ moments in the office when checking survey links due to the extra level of detail and personalisation Cobalt Sky have provided. Their attention to detail, meticulous working style and can-do work ethic make them a stand-out company to work with.

Sophie Brannigan, Research Manager


Cobalt Sky excel at finding particularly difficult sample, programming extremely complex routing, designing intricate screen formatting, managing large multi-market/language projects and applying complicated and rigorous data quality checks and cleaning. We approach them before even pitching for a project, for advice on the best ways of doing things.

Sue Bellantani, Director

Edelman Intelligence

It’s always nice to know that you are working with trusted and knowledgeable people, which is definitely what we feel with Cobalt Sky. They make us feel like we are their only client through any project.

Matt Davies, Research Manager

Kantar - Media Division

Kantar Media works with Cobalt Sky on a complicated diary script with hierarchical data reporting and they always understand the issues that this data presents. The team at Cobalt Sky have a great appreciation of how the data needs to be collected in order to engage the respondents and also how it can be delivered, so that end users can understand and make use of it.

Charlie Gordon, Director

Kubi kalloo

Working with the team at Cobalt Sky has been a great experience. Everyone is extremely responsive and very proactive.  With tough and fast projects they make the whole thing extremely easy. Working with them couldn’t be a better experience.

Kristin Hickey, Founder & CEO


It’s always great to work with Cobalt Sky, because their project management is second to none. They have very clear communication when it comes to costs with a 93% quote accuracy – it’s not uncommon for specs to change mid-project from our end, but they go above and beyond to deliver and keep us up-to-date on any changes in costs. Cobalt Sky also scored a whopping 5 stars out of five for delivering projects on time – I would highly recommend using them.

Philippe Epailly, Research Director


As a small team, it’s vital that partners deliver to time and budget, in collaborative way. CS never fail to deliver, constantly adapting to the unique challenges of working with a fledgling, but busy, team. It’s no stretch to say that I consider Cobalt Sky a seamless extension of my team.

Jill Sarsfield, Senior Partner


We run a project with Cobalt Sky which covers over 20 markets. The innovative method they designed for managing the differences in each market has made a significant difference to the amount of resource we need to run a project of this size. We feel like we are in partnership with them: their communication is exemplary and they are always on hand to help us manage this very complex large project.

Deborah Fitzpatrick, Deputy Managing Director


The exemplary communication skills of Cobalt Sky, and their ability to be flexible within the brief, make them key partners for our research. They have demonstrated outstanding aptitude to handle complex data, and impressive consideration for the respondent experience.

Gill Calder, Director


I have had the pleasure of working with Cobalt Sky across a number of projects, with various clients, over the past 12 months.  They have impressed in every instance with their professionalism, attention to detail, and can-do attitude. We employ a wide variety of innovative tools in survey design - including implicit techniques and gamified approaches – and Cobalt Sky have not only taken it in their stride, but offered useful improvements and feedback.

Niall Smith, Founder


We find everyone at Cobalt Sky very helpful; everything is always done on time and they are always available when you need them. Even when we book jobs very last minute they push themselves to have it ready in time. I must say the whole team is excellent, very impressive.

Lindsay Kitchen, Consultant

Breaking Blue

After off-shoring the DP on a global tracking study, supplier cost savings were wiped out by additional checking and re-runs. Reshoring the project to Cobalt Sky resulted in significant reductions in the time costs, and the improved quality of the tables meant we were more reliable in meeting client deadlines. It's been running smoothly for over 5 years now and we are delighted with the consistency and quality of the work.

Phil Stubbington, Director

Behavioural Architects

CS delivered superb quality on a large-scale, high-pressure and technically challenging project. The high quality of the survey environment bore out in the quality of data collected. They were integral to the success of this project from start to finish.

Jake Greaves, Senior Strategic Consultant

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